List of National and Regional Holidays of Assam in 2021

Effective from Date: 2021-01-01
Updated As On: 2020-12-30
Holiday Date Day Type Remarks
Magh Bihu & Tusu Puja 2021-01-14 Thursday Regional
Magh Bihu & Tusu Puja 2021-01-15 Friday Regional
Netaji's Birthday 2021-01-23 Saturday National
Republic Day, Gwther Bathou San 2021-01-26 Tuesday National
Me-Dam-Me-Phi 2021-01-31 Sunday Regional
Bir Chilaray Divas 2021-02-27 Saturday Regional
Dol Jatra 2021-03-28 Sunday Regional
Good Friday 2021-04-02 Friday Regional
Bohag Bihu 2021-04-14 Wednesday Regional
Bohag Bihu 2021-04-15 Thursday Regional
Bohag Bihu 2021-04-16 Friday Regional
Sati Sadhani Divas 2021-04-21 Wednesday Regional
May Day 2021-05-01 Saturday Regional
Tithi of Damodaradev 2021-05-12 Wednesday Regional
Id-Ul-Fitr 2021-05-14 Friday Regional
Buddha Purnima 2021-05-26 Wednesday Regional
Janmotsav of Sri Sri Madhabdeva 2021-05-27 Thursday Regional
Id-Ul-Zuha 2021-07-21 Wednesday Table Body
Independence Day 2021-08-15 Sunday National
Muharram 2021-08-19 Thursday Regional
Thithi of Sri Sri Madhabdeva 2021-08-27 Friday Regional
Karam Puja 2021-08-29 Sunday Regional
Janmastomi 2021-08-30 Monday Regional
Thithi of Srimanta Sankardeva 2021-09-08 Wednesday Regional
Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi 2021-10-02 Saturday National
Durga Puja 2021-10-12 Tuesday Regional
Durga Puja 2021-10-13 Wednesday Regional
Durga Puja 2021-10-14 Thursday Regional
Bijoya Dashomi & Janmotsav of Srimanta Sankardeva 2021-10-15 Friday Regional
Kati Bihu 2021-10-18 Monday Regional
Lakshmi Puja 2021-10-20 Wednesday Regional
Kali Puja & Dipawali 2021-11-04 Thursday Regional
Bhatri Dwitiya, Bhai Dooj 2021-11-06 Saturday Regional
Chhat Puja 2021-11-10 Wednesday Regional
Guru Nanak's Birthday 2021-11-19 Friday Regional
Lachit Divas 2021-11-24 Wednesday Regional
Asom Divas (Su-Ka-Pha Divas) 2021-12-02 Thursday Regional
Christmas 2021-12-25 Saturday Regional

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