Delhi Lockdown From 10 PM Till Next Monday, Covid Situation "Critical"


Announcing the six-day lockout in Delhi from 10 am tonight to 5 am next Monday; Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the move was necessary as rising Kovid cases; severely hampered the city’s resources and its The health system was at a critical point. Delhi is the worst-case city in India with 25,500 new cases on Sunday. In the last 24 hours, the number of cases has been higher despite the plunge – 23,500.

Arvind Kejriwal said that the decision to lockdown was not easy. Arvind Kejriwal said Delhi’s health system is at a breaking point. I would not say that it has collapsed, but Kovid’s condition is quite critical.

I believe that lockdown will not eliminate the virus, but it will reduce the transmission rate. This will give us time to boost our infrastructure. We will improve our healthcare To use this week-long lockdown. ” she added.

Mr. Kejriwal said that Delhi lacked critical medicines like hospital beds, medical oxygen supply and anti-viral remedieswear. “If we don’t implement the lockdown now, Delhi” may stare into a major disaster, “he explained. All shops and businesses will be closed and movement will be limited to essential services.

Similar measures have been taken in other parts of India including Maharashtra.

On Sunday, Delhi recorded the biggest jump in its daily Kovid tally with 25,462 fresh cases and positivity of around 30 percent; which means that almost every third sample being tested in the city is turning positive.

A weekend curfew, enforced to “break the chain of transmission” that ended this morning, is giving the people of Delhi a few more hours to stock up. Mr. Kejriwal met Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal this morning. It was also decided in the meeting that Mr. Baijal, who represents the Center in Delhi, would write to the Central Government for more beds in the city. The Lieutenant Governor is also expected to write to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for more oxygen.

Mr. Baijal said in the meeting that the concerns related to migrant laborers should be addressed. Migrant workers were most affected last year when the nation went into lockdown, leaving thousands of people deprived of their earnings and homes.

The chief minister said, “I appeal to everyone that this is a short lockout of six days. Please do not leave Delhi. I assure you that the government will take care of you.”

By the weekend’s curfew order, auditoriums, restaurants, malls, gyms and spas remain closed and movie theaters are allowed with only one-third of capacity. All gatherings – social, religious or political – are banned. Mr. Kejriwal has been saying that the rising cases have been exerting tremendous pressure on the national capital’s health infrastructure.

“The situation is very serious and worrisome. Cases have gone up really fast. That is why we are facing shortages even though everything seemed under control until a few days ago. But the speed at which this corona is growing, no one knows where its peak will be,” he said in a virtual address on Friday.

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    April 20, 2021

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