The state government says that Allahabad 5 closes the cities of UP.


Seeing that there is a need to save the livelihood of the poor; the Uttar Pradesh government led by Yogi Adityanath has refused to close the five cities in the state which were closed by the Allahabad High Court. In view of the current Kovid-19 situation; the Allahabad High Court on Monday ordered a lockout in five cities of UP by 26 April. The lockout was ordered in Lucknow, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Kanpur and Gorakhpur.

According to the order of the Allahabad High Court, the lockout was to come into force from Monday night and till 26 April.

In an order of the Hon’ble High Court today

a spokesperson of the UP government has conveyed that there has been an increase in corona cases in the state and strict control is necessary for the control of the corona. The government has taken several steps, taking strict steps.

He said, “To save lives as well as to save the livelihoods of the poor. Therefore, cities will not be fully there. People are automatically closing many places voluntarily.” UP lockdown

According to the order of the Allahabad High Court

All establishments, whether government or private, were to be closed by April 24; except for essential services, including financial institutions and financial departments, medical and health services, industrial and scientific establishments, municipalities. Functions and Public Transport.

The order also mentions; “During lockdown, all shopping complexes, malls, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other commercial shops will also remain closed. However, medical stores will continue to operate.”

According to the order of the Allahabad High Court

  1. All establishments, be it government or private, will be closed until April 26, except for essential services; including financial institutions and financial departments, medical and health services, industrial and scientific establishments, municipal functions and public transport. The judiciary, however, act at its own discretion;
  2. All shopping complexes and malls will be closed till 26 April.
  3. And All grocery stores and other commercial shops, except medical shops, more than three workers will remain closed till 26 April.
  4. Restaurants and even the small dining points at toll etc. will remain closed till 26th of April.
  5. All institutions such as educational institutions and other institutions which are related to other subjects and activities are government; semi-government or private for their teachers and trainers and other employees will be closed till April 26; (this direction for the whole of Uttar Pradesh is)
  6. No social ceremonies and ceremonies, including wedding functions, will be allowed until 26 April. However, in case of pre-decided marriages, necessary permission will have to be obtained from the District Magistrate of the concerned district. Will be limited to 25 people and the concerned District Magistrate shall take a decision after due consideration of the existing status of Kovid-19; including notification of control area in the area where such marriage is to take place.
  7. All public religious activities of any kind have been directed to be postponed till 26 April.
  8. And all religious establishments of any kind have been instructed to remain closed till 26 April.
  9. Including fruit and vegetable seller, milk seller and bread seller, will hit the road at 11 am every day till 26 April.
  10. Container zones will be notified every day in two major Hindi and English newspapers with wide spread coverage in Prayagraj; Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur Nagar / Dehat and Gorakhpur districts.
  11. All public movements on the roads will be completely banned, subject to the above instructions. Movements will be allowed in case of medical aid and emergency.

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